Graphic with MINH written in black text in front of a plain green background

Through the work of artists and writers, MÌNH explores Vietnamese and Chinese diasporic life in Australia today, and questions what it means to be who we are now. Presenting 17 contributors, the exhibition reveals these collective memories, yearnings and preoccupations.

MÌNH is an everyday word which refers to our bodies and selves, but it also means us; about who we are as individuals as well as how we exist together.

Dacchi Dang / Christina Huynh / Matt Huynh / Phương Ngô / Đình Huy Nguyễn / James Nguyen / Lucia Tường Vy Nguyễn / Lynn Nguyễn / Kim Phạm / Victoria Pham / Vivian Pham / Hoài Mành Tất / My Lệ Thi / Bic Tieu / Huyen Hac Helen Tran / Maria Trần / Garry Trinh

Curated by Sheila Ngọc Phạm in collaboration with FCMG. 

Read this essay by Sheila on diaCRITICS about how the exhibition was received.

Download exhibition catalogue(PDF, 3MB)