re-member gathered artists with ancestral threads stitched within the South-West Asia and North Africa (SWANA) region to share their practices of ancestral re-membrance and embodied knowledge in a collection of newly commissioned artworks, inviting audiences to re-member alongside them. 

re-member linked the artists' stories and practices to identity, displacement, memory, and loss. This exhibition looked into re-membrance as a practice that moves individuals back into the collective and reminds us that our connections to land, culture, and each other are vital. 

Curator: Nicole Barakat
Artists: Annukina Warda, DJ Gemma, Joanna Kambourian, Maissa Alameddine, Nazanin Marashian, Olivia Nigro, Zeina Iaali, and Marian Abboud. 

Download the re-member exhibition catalogue(PDF, 12MB) 

Exhibition period: 2 July - 29 October 2022 

Image of a girl laying in rose petals projected on a metal tray

Marian Abboud, A Space of Knowing, 2022. Image by Document Photography

re-new: a spring gathering 

re-new was a spring gathering to share plants, seeds and stories of re-membrance. This event welcomed the community to exchange plants, seedlings and cuttings with each other, to learn about plants that grow on Dharug land, and to engage with exhibition artists - sharing insight, knowledge, music, and stories.  

re-new was a project funded by the CLUBGRANTS Scheme and St Johns Park Bowling Club. 

Exhibition and event documentation by Document Photography and Legacy Studios