4 August – 17 November 2018

Foundation is a group exhibition curated by Emily McDaniel that responds, reflects or articulates the relationship to origin, groundwork or establishment (both material and immaterial) upon which place is created. In a colonialised place it is also a term that encapsulates the ‘found’ or ‘discovered’ in relation to the farce British claim that declared Australia to be a Terra Nullius state. This exhibition acknowledges the immeasurable histories of First Peoples and their relationship to country. Present artworks that use found materials to articulate a relationship to place and origin. The exhibition will be a collection of sculptural and installation forms by artists Gunybi Ganambarr, Daniele Hromek, Lorraine Connelly Northey, Archie Moore, Megan Cope and Robert Fielding that utilise found materials that suggest development, industrialisation and urbanised expansion. These materials are of symbolic quality and imbued with an essence of the place they were collected from.

Illustration of three triangular symmetrical shapes with muted brown, yellow, blue and green lines and birds